8-44 Swg Super Enamelled Wire

  • Polyester (Class F)
  • Polyterimide (Class H)
  • Polyesterimide+(Class H+)
  • Polyamide Imide (Class C)
  • Polyurathane - Self Solderable (Class F)

Bare Copper wires & Strips
Bare Aluminium wires & Strips

Fibre Glass copper wires & Strips
Fibre Glass Aluminium wires & Strips

Paper Covered Copper Wires & Strips
Paper Covered Aluminium Wires & Strips

About Avanti Conductors Ltd.

AVANTI CONDUCTORS LTD. was incorporated in the year 1992 for the manufacture of SUPER ENAMELLED COPPER WIRES. The manufacturing facilities installed are at par with International standards to ensure the manufacture and supply of quality and defect free products. Supported by a fully equipped and sophisticated Quality Assurance Laboratory, manned by qualified engineers, we at AVANTI pride ourselves for QUALITY , SERVICE & RELIABILITY.